"I came to see Drs. Andy and Kandyce for low back pain. My experience at High Point Chiropractic was amazing. Within a week, I was able to walk better and function again. Last year, it took two months to recover from the same injury. The staff is friendly and confident and I like their practical approach to chiropractic care".

~ Kristine Rich, age 32

"When I first came to see Drs. Andy and Kandyce, I was experiencing stiffness in the morning and back pain during the day so bad at times I had to ice at work. Being adjusted has improved my flexibility and I'm now able to do my yard and house work without pain. I also have no headaches anymore either!

I have found that since I've been adjusted here, I sleep better, I'm able to carry a normal load of groceries and I can stretch to reach things I couldn't before. I have found the doctors to be friendly, relaxed and patient centered and they will teach you self care so you can work on your issues at home."

~ Lisey, age 59

Cathy A"High Point Chiropractic keeps me healthy and keeps me doing what I love; thanks Dr. K and Dr. A :)"

~ Cathy A., age 28



“I started to see Dr. Kandyce because I lived in pain for 4 years. One day I was sitting on the recliner crying and my daughter and future son and law recommended that I see her.

I have already seen improvements since she started treating me a month ago. I have more stamina and I'm in less pain. This is the best move I’ve made. I was always afraid because my father had a bad experience with a chiropractor. But coming here, my fears have been just wiped away!”

~ Diane S., age 59

“I met Dr. Kandyce at a health fair in Bedford where I was there doing chair massage. I work a lot as a massage therapist, so I have many aches and pains…..My spine, neck and even my wrists have to be adjusted. Dr. Kandyce and I clicked so I decided to come in and see her.

She’s done such a good job and I enjoy her personality and energy. I am looking forward to many years to come. I feel so much better now! Now, both Drs. Kandyce and Andy take care of me!

If I didn’t have my spine and wrist adjustments, I would not be able to do as many massages as I do now”

~ Amanda K., age 31

“Dr. Kandyce is an amazing person, an outstanding Chiropractor and a life changer. For years I have struggled with neck and lower back pain causing me to shy away from sports and activities with my children for fear of the pain that would spring up in the following days. Dr. Kandyce sat down and explained why I was in pain, reviewed the x-rays of my spine and advised me of how to correct it with a treatment plan. I have been a patient of Dr. Kandyce since 2009 and that was about the last time I felt pain in my back and neck. I can now join in with my children's activities and I am also a little league coach for my sons team. These were things that were not possible before Dr. Kandyce and for that I am eternally grateful. If you suffer from pain you need to make an appointment and see for yourself how good life can be when you don’t have to plan your day around your pain!

~ Mike R.

“Dr Kandyce is one of the most knowledgeable, capable and compassionate health care professionals I have ever met. When I met her I was reaching a level of discomfort that left unchecked would have ended my career as a Karate Teacher. She's not just my chiropractor. She's a great "Health Coach", teaching me lifestyle changes that will "add years to my life and life to my years".

~ Steve D.

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